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It is the series of remote control devices for shutting electronic and communication equipment off. This sends alarms from different sensors and your location via GPS. The telecontroller is a supplement for network monitoring and management, a tool that brings functional and innovative benefits to your company.

Goe-Satellite Tracking

Able to remotely locate the exact location of the Telecontroller.

External power off alarm

Able to generate alerts when a device connected to Telecontroller is disconnected.

It operates on cellular technology

Compatible with the most prestigious brands SIM‘s in the market.

Independent non-intrusive device on your network

The telecontroller LAN is a device that controls the on-off of 1 or 2 electrical equipment independently through a secure LAN, integrated with an internal sensor for temperature and humidity.
Complemented by its monitoring and administration system, it is an innovative and functional tool.

Temperature/Humidity Sensor.

Ideal to know the temperature and humidity of the site where it is installed and to remotely monitor the climatic conditions of the site.

Webcam support (webcam not included).

USB webcam support in order to take pictures of the site and ensuring its safety.

Support for external video storage (memory store not included).

Support of the External Hard Drive (USB) in order to store the images taken by the webcam.