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The services in the cloud are a range of software applications which are located in a repository virtual, within the facilities of the Data Center, and which can be downloaded at any time and in any place that count with an internet link without having to worry about network infrastructure.
We offer services in the cloud for PYMES as: voice, Data and Security.
For a better functioning ImageStream@ has migrated its monitoring and security applications to Cloud Services. (Network Operation Center (NOC), Network Management Services (NMS), ConQuest, Balanced ScoreCard Networking (BSCN), Global Control Panel (GCP), repository of information and BlueCare.)

Facilitate the access to certain information faster, simplify and expedite the communication

Because you can access to certain information where you are always and when you have internet connection.

They are the future of all files in the world

Because all companies will bet for solutions in the cloud by providing a better functioning in its IT area.

Storing large quantities of files in an easy manner, organized and safe

Providing to the companies an innovative way of host computer files on servers and thus be able to reduce costs by implementing this solution.

Adapt to the demands of your business thanks to its flexibility

Regardless of the type of your company, cloud solutions is functional and will provide improvements in your IT infrastructure.