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Our Data Centers meet the highest standards of quality since they have an appropriate environment, at which the servers are hosted, by storing with extensive security information from the different institutions.
Our Data Centers are mission-critical environment that demand the highest availability and operation 24 x7 x 365.
ImageStream@ has Data Center “Siglo XXI” and Data Center “Doña Rosa” which have as their main purpose:

Simplify the operation of technological areas

The power in our Data Center.

Compile and protect the data of a person or company

Facilitating and expediting the administration of data in a secure way.

To store, process and exchange, digital information

Making it more flexible and expedite the process of information in order to satisfy the technological needs of your company.

Provide applications and services (Cloud Solutions, Intranet, telecommunications and technological information)

Generating effective technological processes in a matter of digital information.