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Sispro Application Manager

6 applications to manage your network, limit traffic, close ports, all you need to know the contents of your network traffic, Web pages highly viewed, IP with higher consumption and so on.
Graphs, logs and an interface that provides information and tools to properly manage your network traffic.


Traffic Filtering

Designed for ports and protocols (80:http/443:https), based on IP address, domain and URL‘s multimedia content, social networks, schedules and categories (Blacklists: porn, violence, streaming, etc.)

Traffic Analyzer

It shows a graph of Bandwidth use of the site, Top of IP‘s and conversations with increased consumption, top of ports and protocols and top of most visited Web sites


Access lists based on IP and ports.

Network Modeling and Traffic Prioritization

IP-based (point, network segments and ranges), Ports (point and Port Range) and Schedule.