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Sispro Voice Manager

System that monitors and creates reports about telephony services within a corporation, which thanks to the virtues of the system can adapt, limit, allow and ultimately manage the service to condition it to business needs, avoiding the best possible misuse, delays, failures, and so on.
With it you will be able to measure MOS, latency, and jitter, plus it will monitor the use of the voice line.


Module for assigning thresholds trends

Capable tool to predict the consumption of the network in the short and medium term, triggering alarms if it detects they exceed the permitted thresholds.

Latency, Bandwidth Reports, among others

Generating historical per hour, day, month or year of the behavior of the devices.

Hardware inventory

Generating list of all devices on the network.

Logs of all interaction of the system and your network

Able to save system activity reports for future reference.